Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why only Osprey cards?
A: Because they are robust enough for 24/7 video archiving. They come in many flavors, and are the de-facto standard for video streaming and archiving solutions to-date. We did extensive testing with those cards and we can tell you that they will work. Please, contact us if you need to urgently run our software on other capturing devices. We will attempt to help you.

Q: Where can I get an Osprey card?
A:  Please visit www.viewcast.com. Although we are not in any way affiliated with them, we can help you with finding your local Osprey dealer.

Q: Can the software support more than 1 capturing?
A: Yes, it can.

Q: How can I play files recorded with Footage Recorder?
A: Footage Player provides an easy playback of the requested period. You can also play a video with any other available player, but you will not be able to search for a period, CC, etc...

Q: Can audio sources be taken from other devices aside from Osprey (e.g. 210, 230?)
A: Yes they can.

Q: Does Footage Recorder use VFW drivers or the WDM drivers?
A: You must install WDM drivers.

Q: "ERROR - Windows Media can't write" on Vista - help!
A1: The default location for video files is C:\. The user sometimes has no write access on Vista for C:\. Please create a new folder, or select a different drive.
A2: If you have administrator privileges, go to "Start->Run" and type "secpol.msc" (press enter). In the left pane click on "Security Settings->Local Policies->Security Options". In the right pane scroll down to "User Account Control:" and change every setting beginning with "User Account Control:" from "enabled" to "disabled". When done, reboot the machine. If you are still experiencing problems, please contact us at support@footagerecorder.com

Q: My Anti-Virus software detects virus/rootkit in Footage Recorder setup?!
A:  It is a false positive detection! The Recorder contains the FootageRecorderKbd.sys kernel filter.
         Its function is to disable Ctrl-Alt-Del only while the Recorder is running.
    Q: Why does it disable Ctrl-Alt-Del?
    A: Because when you "come back to Windows" after using Ctrl-Alt-Del, the video preview will be lost.
         Losing the preview has NO influence on capturing whatsoever.
         If you don't like Ctrl-Alt-Del filtering for any reason, feel free to remove (or rename)
         the FootageRecorderKbd.sys from your system. Recording will still work normally.