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Footage Recorder DEMO Download

Try-before-you-buy with our time limited trial software. Once you have had a chance to work with our software, we feel you will agree it is effective, professional, easy and safe to use, reliable and adds value to your business. If you decide to buy Footage Recorder, please review the ordering information available at the Order page for details. Footage Recorder DEMO is available for free download and use.

Footage Recorder DEMO that can be downloaded from this page, has certain hardcoded limitations, and should be used for evaluation purposes only. The limits of Footage Recorder DEMO when compared to the licensed version are as follows:

Demo Features

Licensed Version

maximum one hour of recording time unlimited recording time
fixed one file duration of 5 minutes adjustable 1 - 120 minutes
time label transparency fixed to 50% fully adjustable transparency 0-100%
video has the text "FootageRecorder" in it  
3 video formats to choose fully adjustable min 256kbps - max 50Mbps
3 audio formats to choose multiple frequency and quality selections
N/A e-mail warning/error reporting
N/A auto-start capturing
N/A logo insertion/descriptive text
support for all Osprey cards PCI/PCI-X/PCIe support for all Osprey cards PCI/PCI-X/PCIe
N/A stream while capture (pull or push)
simultaneous capture from multiple Osprey cards simultaneous capture from multiple Osprey cards
capture NTSC closed captions capture NTSC closed captions

Please note that Footage Recorder (DEMO and licensed) works only with Osprey hardware, so there is no point in downloading the DEMO if you don't have it or don't plan to acquire it.

Don't have an Osprey card? You can still try the archive search/playback!

Even if you don't have an Osprey card required to test Footage Recorder, you can still see how archive search and playback really works.
  • download video samples created by Footage Recorder and
  • download Footage Player and search for certain time periods in the video samples provided
  • find closed captions in loaded range
  • seek to times found with a single mouse click and more...
By downloading Footage Recorder DEMO and Footage Player you agree to use it at your own risk. We put our highest trust in that it will work as advertised, but can't provide remedy for any dissatisfaction that arises from its use or your inability to use it.

v.1.5  for Windows XP    (x86) released on: February 8, 2010.
v.1.5  for Windows 7       (x86) released on: February 8, 2010.
v.1.0  for Windows XP/7 (x86) released on: February 17, 2010.
click to download if you don't have an Osprey card, but
would like to test archive search with the Player

In addition, prior to installing Footage Recorder DEMO you might need to download and install:

While you wait for your Osprey card, you can see the estimated quality of video captured with Footage Recorder here:

 kbps movie cartoon resolution duration gb/day gb/month
256 download download 384x288 1 minute 3.37 101.04
512 download download 384x288 1 minute 6.05 181.38
768 download download 384x288 1 minute 8.79 263.57
1024 download download 384x288 1 minute 11.49 344.83