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Build your own Footage Recorder System

Footage Recorder will work on any PC that is built from reliable components and properly configured. The main requirement for the Footage Recorder system is that it should have an Osprey video capture card for capturing, and that you should plan your hard disk capacity according to your needs. Make sure that your graphics accelerator supports Direct3D if you need video preview.

We also recommend:

  • a solid case with lots of space to provide good ventilation
  • a good power supply and perhaps a case that provides a redundant power supply
  • a UPS device if you expect power losses and don't want a second of recording to be missed
  • one hard drive for system boot and one (or more in RAID) for video storage
  • enough fans in the system to provide a stable, low temperature (use s.m.a.r.t. disk monitoring to provide hard drive temperature measurements)
  • a separate system for playback and export (to release the unnecessary loading of the capturing system)
  • 2x1GB of RAM
  • Dual Core, Quad Core, i7 CPU, or better depending on your needs

    IMPORTANT - Any previously mentioned CPU is fast enough for full screen capturing. If you require multichannel capturing, you will require a faster CPU with 2x2GB of memory, and of course, an appropriate HDD storage for your material. In that case you should also take care of your OS. 4 channel logger will work better on Windows Server OS. In that case the 2003 standard edition is a great choice.
You should be aware that the computer used for recording purposes should be used for nothing else. That means you should have installed Windows XP or Windows 7 on it, with a minimum of additional options.

Since your encoding computer can also be a file server for Footage Player, you should scale your processor accordingly, so it will be able to simultaneously deliver power for the remote client access feature and for video encoding.

After you have configured your PC for use with Footage Recorder, install Windows XP (32-bit) or Windows 7 (32-bit) and the proper drivers for your system. Make sure that you have installed the WDM Osprey drivers.

Download the required Osprey drivers here:

You can also decide not to worry about technical details by letting our engineers do all this for you. Send your request to: